A Brief History of Shavers

Men’s Usual Preferences When Shaving

Men shave due to various reasons. Usually, it is simply to acquire a fresh and clean look. Because clean shaven faces were more popular, adult males started shaving regularly as a habit. Shaving is also known to increase and/or boost a man’s physical appeal. Most men decide to shave before going on a date due to the belief that women prefer clean shaven men. Shaving also has its own way of making you look younger by a few years. It does not only reduce wrinkles but it also helps make your face seem clearer and glowing. Since it enhances their appearance, men who shave on a regular basis tend to feel more confident about themselves and their abilities. It also leads to an increase in their self-satisfaction and self-esteem. Not to mention, it motivates others to have a positive and/or favorable perception.

Men didn’t use to shave on a regular basis. When they need to get a shave, they simply go to a professional instead of using knives and blades by themselves. With the development of the safety razor, a lot of men thought of shaving as a simple procedure and started doing it on their own. The metal blade was small and inexpensive. It is from here that shaving became viewed as a safe and simple procedure. It is during this time that different types of razor came up. It is even made available in an electric design. Because of the recent developments in shaving, not a lot of people are aware how it is done in the traditional manner.

Traditional shaving or wet shaving is a simple process. You don’t have to do a lot of steps. To start, you may choose to take a shower or to just apply a warm towel on your skin and hair. It softens your hair and skin, preparing your face for shaving. Then, pre-shave oil or lotion is applied to the area. With a little water, you can proceed to preparing the lather. You also have the option to form the lather directly using soap or cream. Between soap and cream, cream is said to be preferred by beginners. As you shave, you can use a straight razor or a safety razor, whichever you prefer. To end, you can splash cool water on the area you just shaved. This is to ensure that no excess cream remains after shaving. Once you’re done, you can apply an aftershave. Aftershaves not only help close your pores but it makes you smell good, too.
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Usually, an adult male’s beard or facial hair grows about half an inch every month. For this reason, most men are encouraged to shave regularly. A large percentage of men prefer wet shaving. Actually, only a little percentage of men prefer using electric devices when shaving. After shaving, most men tend to feel happier, more sociable and outgoing. Because of shaving, a lot of people view clean shaven men as generous, caring and cheerful individuals.What You Should Know About Products This Year