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What Sex Toys Women Enjoy

Why is it that men are always the ones having fun when it comes to erotic toys? There are two common sex toys and these are the toys for male along such as masturbators, shaft pumps, sex dolls, shaft sleeves and manhood enhancement, while there are also toys for both sexes which are the vibrators, love eggs, nipple clamps and bullets, but the thing is what are toys that are just invented for women?

Rabbit Sex Toys

Rabbit sex toys are one of the most popular toys used by women and this was discovered during the year 1998. Rabbit sex toys are also vibrators but it varies from a classic vibrator but still it has a shaft for the purpose of internal vaginal stimulator but aside from that there is also a smaller vibrator attached to it that often has a rabbit shape and it is the one giving pleasure to the clitoris by means of tickles by its ears. There is also what we call rabbit vibes that are often pearls and are attached to the shaft and rotates at different speed once it penetrates that will cause awesome orgasm. An alternative for a rabbit sex toy is the dolphin and bear clitoral stimulators.

Female Sex Pumps

Sex pumps are also for women. This sex pumps are the ones responsible for the arousal of the erogenous areas of a woman’s body either in the clitoris and breast which gives more pleasure to the nipples and labia. There should be a sucking motion to achieve your goal. Simultaneously, the female pumps can also add benefit like the vibrating motion that will tickle the female’s intimate area.

Butterfly Stimulators, Clit Clips and Clitoral Stimulators

Butterfly simulators are the ones worn underneath your clothes that will give you variable massaging vibrations on your clitoris if you activate it. There are also butterfly stimulators that have mini internal simulators that will give you twice the excitement. A clit clip is worn just like any other clitoral jewelry. Your sexual sensations will augment. Clitoral stimulators or the clit vibrators take the form of cock rings that are worn on the base of the shaft that will arouse the clitoris during the intercourse. Finger vibrators are common for solo masturbation but can be used with a partner.

Strap Ons

A strap on is very popular to gay and straight couples. A strap on is also a shaft that is supported by a harness that will be used to penetrate both anal and vaginal. A condom on it will make this toy safer to use.
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