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How to Buy the Right Maryland Crab

You know about the Maryland crab and how they can make you love eating crab. May be you are wondering how to ensure you buy the best with so many suppliers out there. For you to love the crab, you must be sure you get it from the right supplier, a certified team by the state of Maryland. The tips given below will help you in your process.

The first step to getting the right crab is by being sure you know what you want. When you say what you want the seller will be sure that you have the right information and will not joke around with your order. If you want to be specific, you should know the difference between the male and female crab. So when you are making your order first it is good to specify. You can tell the difference by the shape of their shell, the male having a narrow T-shaped while the female has a wider apron. Crab eaters know that the female meat I the sweetest but say that they would rather leave them to encourage reproduction.

The other choice that you need to make is about size. A good to eat crab will be from four inches to six inches. Some sellers will give them numbers like 1,2and 3 depending on their size. You have to say which size you expect when you receiver your order. You should also make sure that you specify the quantity of what you want. The quantity will purely depend on you. As you choose your crab, the limit for the male is five inches, but for female it can be any size legally as long as it is alive.

The say if you have to eat a crab, look for the fatty and juicy one. You should look for the one that is fatty and juicy if you are to eat the best. Ensure you buy your crab from the right vendor. If you are privileged to stay at the cost; you need to know where to find the local fishermen’s wharf. They will sell you the freshest catch. Make sure you buy them when they are in season.

When you buy the crab from the sea; it will cost less. If you are buying the product online ensure the vendor that you choose can make prompt shipping. Crabs are highly perishable, and they should be handled with care. You also have to ensure that they are stored in clean tanks. You should make sure that you do not buy from the tanks that seem to have some green substances growing from the sides.

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