Three Essential Features of a Metal Platform Truck

A metal platform truck is a useful piece of equipment in many different environments. They are used in lumber yards to transport pieces of lumber to the trucks or cars of customers. They are also used at big box stores, nurseries, airports and various types of warehouses. If your company is in the market for a few metal platform trucks, there are some features to look for to make sure you get your money’s worth.

A Durable Body

The metal body of your platform truck should be sturdy enough to take on any materials you have to transport. Sometimes pieces of wood, boxes and other items are dropped onto a platform truck instead of carefully stacked onto it. This is why it’s important to have a platform truck with a durable body that can handle the wear and tear of the loading and unloading activity that happens each day. The platform truck may take on dents, but it holds whatever is put onto its surface.

A Non-Slip Handle

A non-slip handle is essential for any platform truck. An employee in a warehouse who is pushing a platform truck with wet hands needs to be able to hang on to and steer this vehicle where it needs to go. So, a non-slip handle is necessary for the safe operation of these platform trucks in warehouses and elsewhere.

Trustworthy Wheels

A set of trustworthy 4 inch cart wheels is another essential feature for a platform truck. These wheels are designed to carry the weight of the items put onto the truck. Having the right wheels on a platform truck helps to keep the vehicle even and balanced as it’s moved across concrete, tile and similar terrain. You need to know you can rely on the stability of your platform trucks whether the floor of your business is perfectly clean or has taken on some spills.

Lastly, having a reliable team of platform trucks for your business can add to the efficiency of your daily operations and increase the safety of your employees.