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Factors To Consider When Buying A Tube Amplifier. When it comes to buying a new tube amplifier there will be a number of things you will need to keep in mind. The reason you need a new amplifier may be you are looking for a change or even tired of using the solid kind. When it comes to the characteristics and the performance, you must always know the kind of an amplifier you are using. First thing you should consider is the number of watts it will be operating on in consideration to the needs you have. This will be determined by the kind of work you will be performing with the guitar. People have different venues with varied audience like those who do gigs while others play at homes. With the right avenue in mind then you can choose the kind you want depending on the volume produced. The people who perform in huge masses will require a good loud volume. For the people based at homes, low volume will be ideal so that it may not affect your neighbours. You will find that the amps with a great wattage tend to be very huge and can hardly be moved from one place to the other. Keep in mind the kind of tube you are dealing with. In the market today, we have several kinds of tubes which all have different characteristics. Consider the type that is able to give a good punch to the voice and brings out a great clarity to it. The amp should also be able to have inbuilt smoothness to the voice and able to harmonize all the voices together.
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You will know that the tube is the main thing that is able to affect the break up and voice control but the tone is set up by the preamp. It is important to find a preamp that is good in operating a multiple number of channels and has a good flexibility. There is a huge difference in the guitars found in the market today and some of these have the ability to hold more than three preamps which all work to create a more refined sound output. The kind of amp s that have an inbuilt system of more than one preamp are very costly in the market and tend to be complicated when using them.
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Finally you have to know the much you are willing to spent in buying the amplifier. There is a fallacy that the more expensive an equipment is the higher the better it is. Not everything that is pricey is good. There are the amps that cost a lot but they have poor sound quality and yet another are cheap and very good. Always follow your budget in any kind of a shopping to be done.