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A Guide to Wireless Temperature Monitoring

There are some important things that you must take into account to be sure that you are making quality purchase if you are in the market and looking for a wireless temperature monitoring system. While you must pick a system according to your preferences and needs, there are essential features that you might or might not be mindful about. You better cross it out in your list and move on to other prospective systems that you have if you ever find that doesn’t have one or any of the said features in this article.

Number 1. Web based monitoring – you should never skimp on wireless features in this age of modern technology. Through these wireless sensors, you will be able to get regular updates of active websites with real time readings. What’s more, you can get the chance to see different charts showing temperature, humidity and at times, barometric pressure of the location. In fact, some systems also allow you to log data in the spreadsheet.

For additional layer of security, you may like to setup the system to send you alarms either by text or email if your humidity or temperature settings have gone below or above the amount you programmed. Many experts have agreed that to effectively monitor temperature, you’ll need a system with 4 threshold analog inputs.

Number 2. Additional environmental surveillance – together with monitoring the temperature, you must choose a system that is monitoring other environmental elements as well including humidity, flooding, power, security and physical threats. There are several systems that’ll remotely monitor ventilation, humidity as well as air conditioning in highly sensitive environments.

This type of surveillance is ideal for laboratories, clean rooms, museums, computer server rooms as well as warehouses. To be able to avoid and prevent physical threats, you may program the system in sending you alarms in case of emergency like window being broken, door being opened forcibly or fire sprinkler going off.

Number 3. Integrated support to monitor the network – last but definitely not the least, you have to look for a wireless temperature monitoring system is the integrated support. Without taking into mind other factors, it is almost next to impossible to monitor the temperature. With that said, don’t trust a company that is only selling temperature monitoring equipment.

For the system, it is a must for it to encompass temperature and environmental monitoring along with the monitoring of switches, routers and even microwave radios. All these factors can be monitored in only one screen, which can help you to save energy and money all at the same time while it may seem a lot.
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